My home is located just across the river from the proposed Meade County Rock Quarry. My front door opens in the line of sight of about 2500 feet from this industrial nightmare. This website will not have the same flash as the one posted by the Chicago investors in the Meade County Quarry but I hope to bring home to anyone interested the day to day destruction of this beautiful portion of the Ohio.

I go a long way back with experience on the river. When I was a child there were sand beaches on the Kentucky shore of Six Mile Island up stream from Louisville where we could walk in clear shallow water and collect arrowheads. On Sunday mornings the Delta Queen was frequently seen going up river to her home port of Cincinnati. The Indiana side of the island was called the "shoot" and was a choice place for house boats to tie up to the trees for weekend overnights. The house boats had names like "Fancy Stuff", "Mark Twain" and "Skippy Jo Lee". These boats didn't even have numbers only names. This was a time when the Bell of Louisville was the "Avalon" and hosted senior proms. All things change in the name of progress and now the shoot of Six Mile is basically an industrial zone. Progress is not something to completely halt in the name beauty but there should be a limit.

I found what I had experienced as a child on my farm directly across the river from the proposed quarry. I raised a family here and my children experienced what I had as a child on the Ohio. I wonder if they will ever find a special spot like our farm or will only lament the loss of the beauty they experienced as children growing up down here. It astounds me how anybody in Mead County Kentucky can perceive it a good idea to sell the long term beauty of their river to Chicago investors for their short term financial gain.

Thank you for your interest,

Robert M. George

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